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American Drawing Room Fabric Sofa Set

Wood: We are providing you the most heavy long lasting wood which most famous : Mahogany.

Foam: Vary comfortable high grade solid rubber foam.

Fabric: We are using to make this Drawing Room Sofa Shaneel Fabric which is adding more comfort to sit and enjoyment.

Capacity : 6  person easily can sit with comfort and flexibility.

SET:  1+2+3 = 6.

Cleaning: Washable Fabric. you may clean your sofa easily without any hassle.

Guarantee : 20 years.

Shipping Cost : Free.

Customization: Yes, You can customize whatever you want. you may change its color and its materials like artificial leather to fabric or etc. Cost must be changed

Order Type: Pre-Order.

Time duration of making:  Minimum- 15 days to maximum 25 Days.

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৳ 75,000